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We love to make music, and believe great music can be made without having to spend a fortune.



We are a collective of young artists and professionals from various backgrounds and expertise that came together in 2017 to provide a variety of services within the growing musical landscape in South Africa. Based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we aim to provide quality products and services for our own artists as well as clients. We cater for all needs, but we specifically aim to help those artists that come from less fortunate backgrounds and that are in need of basic music related services. Even though we are still a young enterprise, our team and our artists are very experienced.

We love to make music, and believe great music can be made without having to spend a fortune.
Lack of resources and money should not shackle creativity!



* Music compositions for films and adverts

* Recording facilities

Artists recording

* Audio Engineering - Mixing and Mastering​


* Beats for purchase or leasing

* Customized beats for any genre


* Musicians for events and workshops

* Sound Engineers for workshops

* Music Producers for events and training workshops


* Album Artwork for digital platforms

* Album Artwork for print

* Promotional artwork (t-shirts, posters, caps etc.)

* Packages made available upon request

Wolfkraft crew
Wolfkraft T-shirts
WK Head quarters
Wolfkraft by design Tees
Chase Lutron
For more information, contact us:
Enquiries & Bookings: info@wolfkraftproductions.co.za
Graphic Design: info@wolfkraftproductions.co.za
Whatsapp: +27 78 224 8765  

production team 




Talented artist, director and qualified film editor Maghdie Fife is a well-known name on the Cape Town film scene. Naturally artistic, his passion for all things creative lead him to completing his Honours Degree in Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious film school, AFDA Cape Town. Even though he was a full time student at the time, Maghdie worked part-time as an Editor and Visual Effects Supervisor, winning the Vision Mission Award from SterKinekor for directing and editing the commercial “Mother’s Kisses” in 2013. In 2014 he was hired as a screenwriter for Q-Up Entertainment, working on the reality series “The Shores”, before going on to become the Head of SLTV at Soccer Laduma.

Magdhie’s impressive, fast-climbing career is testament to his expertise, dedication to creating quality content and passion for the South African film industry.
Currently, he teaches the next generation of creatives as the editing lecturer at City Varsity; a position he has held proudly since July 2017.

Magdie’s most recent work credits include directing the short film, Topia in 2018. The film was purchased for VOD. He also directed a Music Video in association with WolfKraft Productions for major international record label, Sony Music Entertainment Africa. 

Click here for Maghdie's show reel 

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Riyaahd Fife is a music producer from Eastridge Mitchell’s Plain. Known by his stage name Fife On The Beat , he has been producing professionally for artists on the Cape Flats for the last ten years, specialising in Production and Ableton Live.


Fife’s sound is defined as a mesh of ambient melodies with hard drums. His musical influences are anything from 80's synth pop, 90's hip hop and rock to early 2000's and current hip hop.

He has produced film scores for City Varsity, AFDA and doccies. He is also involved in post production and audio engineering. 

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Modern Structure



Marlow Hope is a beat maker from Elsies River, Cape Town also known as Marlow Beatz. 

With no preferred genre, Marlow produces with a variety of sounds from Hip Hop to Country and from RnB to Dancehall. 

The year 2018 has been the breakthrough year for Marlow Beatz, he produced 3 tracks on the Broederbond Double Album as well as songs for the Wolfkraft stable.


Marlow is one of Wolfkraft Productions' dynamic young producers and his music can be found in our Music Store.His variety of beats cater for artists from all genres.

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sa hiphop dance champ - CHAD65.jpg



Chad Gertz is a vocalist as well as music and instrument enthusiast from Kuils River.  Chad’s sound is influenced by ambient melodies, 80’s – 90’s hip hop, 80’s synth sound, alternative rock, metal, symphony, film scores and indie. 

Chad specializes in guitar, bass, piano / keyboard and drums.

He brings great musicality and creativity to our production team. Chad is also a live show performer with guitar and vocals and forms part of our artist stable.

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Chase Lutron is a songwriter and also enjoys working on music production. From the recording phase to the mixing and mastering. He is hands on in every aspect of the music creation process and helps drive the vision of the artist, whether it is our own in house talents or clients.

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Leon Laubscher is a Sound Engineering graduate from CityVarsity and passed with full distinctions. He is currently serving as our recording, mixing and mastering engineer. He has recently started A&R management of our new artists. Part of his portfolio is to manage on set sound for our film department.


His expertise makes him a very important part of our production and creative team.  Other talents includes playing guitar and drums.

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click here for the beat store



Inquiries: info@wolfkraftproductions.co.za
Artist Bookings: bookthepack@wolfkraftproductions.co.za
Whatsapp: +27 61 816 5560
 +27 87 265 7721

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